Abstract Superconscious

Abstract Superconscious

Hosted by swissnex Boston in partnership with MySquare


Oct 12 15

10:45 AM 03:00 PM


swissnex Dome

1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



Two movies by the Geneva-based studio MySquare will take you on a futuristic metaconscious abstract journey. 


Exosphere: An abstract dream into a universal superconscience. The trip starts in a 15th century abbey, gradually travelling in a world of particles. Exosphere brings the audience into a dream state audio visual journey.
Directed by François Moncarey and Ramona Altschul

Fractalized: Inspired by Madelbulb 3d Fractal, Fractalized is a voyage into an abstract, futurist and brutalist architecture.
Directed by François Moncarey and Ramona Altschul