Activating Purpose in the Workplace

Activating Purpose in the Workplace

Hosted by WeSpire Inc.


Oct 10

06:00 08:00 PM


WeWork St. James

31 St James Ave Boston, MA 02116



Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder, and CEO of WeSpire will lead the session and first discuss what being a purpose-driven business means, and how it affects employee engagement. Learn the importance of understanding your employees’ interests and motivators in order to successfully engage them and help bring purpose into the careers. Susan will share proprietary and industry research around purpose-driven businesses, as well as share examples of businesses that have successfully brought purpose into their workplaces.

In order to provide an interactive experience, WeSpire will create a new instance, specifically for our attendees to use through the entirety of HUBweek. In the session, you will work in a group to create campaigns, and have the opportunity to invite other HUBweek attendees to participate in your campaigns on the WeSpire platform. Aided by WeSpire’s marketing and customer success teams, you will have the opportunity use the WeSpire platform to build a WeSpire Campaign, available to all session attendees, on a topic that you are passionate about. At the end of the week, WeSpire will send you and other session attendees and platform users a snapshot of the impact and savings they generated, and forecast what the impact would be with year-long usage. We hope this session and interactive activity will show you how being a purpose-driven business can be good for employees, the business, and society.



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Spoke Event


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