Are You Truly Connected?

Are You Truly Connected? (sold out)

Hosted by Canopy City


Oct 10

06:30 09:00 PM


Canopy City

14 Tyler St Somerville, MA 02143



People are always looking to connect with each other. Nowadays, it is getting more difficult to engage in meaningful conversations with people we don’t know, which sometimes means we miss the chance to connect with other amazing people that could help us solve the most challenging issues of our times. At Canopy City, we believe that when people from different backgrounds come together and work for a common cause, magic happens. The purpose of this event is to provide a dynamic environment that triggers networking and helps people like you get connected. The objective is to engage all participants in networking while leveraging an asset commonly ignored by many events: the very attendees. The event will include two networking games and the creation of teams to solve a larger challenge. You will be able to work with individuals from an array of sectors, learning and exchanging information and experience. We will have a short speaking section, ending with food and drinks.

Event Type

Spoke Events


Union Square