Civic Series presents: Breaking Through Gridlock

Civic Series presents: Breaking Through Gridlock

Hosted by Civic Series


Oct 11

06:00 08:30 PM


General Assembly Boston

125 Summer St, 13th Floor Boston, MA 02110



Think about the last time you tried to talk with someone about politics or social issues who didn’t already agree with you.

​How well did it go?

​It’s getting harder and harder for us to have productive conversations about social issues​ that matter the most to us, which is widening the gap between Americans and ruining Thanksgiving dinners.  (Unfortunately, Adele can’t fix everything.)

Civic Series is a public event series to help adults learn and talk about the most critical issues of our time​, like North Korea, Israel-Palestine, racial tension in the US, and many others.

This month’s speaker is Jason Jay, director at MIT Sloan Sustainability and co-author of Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World.  For the first time, Civic Series is bringing this workshop to the public: Jason will share clear-cut and actionable pathways for having hard conversations about issues that matter to you​ — whether it’s about the second amendment, healthcare reform, climate change, or others.

This will be a free, two-hour workshop. Registration is required.  Hang out after the event for drinks, snacks, and as few political food fights as possible.

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