HUB Presents: Faneuil Forum with Michael Sandel

HUB Presents: Faneuil Forum with Michael Sandel

Hosted by HUBweek in partnership with Harvard University


Sep 26

06:00 08:00 PM


Faneuil Hall

1 Faneuil Hall Square Boston, MA 02109



The debate before the debate.

Is it just to tax the rich to help the poor? Should rich countries have the right to restrict immigration?

At the inaugural HUBweek in 2015, in the storied Faneuil Hall, Harvard Professor Michael Sandel led an all-star panel in a heated discussion around the ethical impacts of technology. This year, we turn the mic over to you.

As we enter the final stages of the most contentious presidential election in our recent history, we invite you to join us for a truly civic dialogue at the Faneuil Forum. This year, just hours before the first Presidential debate, we will focus on democracy: What ails democracy these days, and what can be done about it? In a lively, interactive discussion with the audience in Faneuil Hall, we will debate some of the big questions that are ignored in the clamor of the current campaign–about equality and inequality, the common good, and what it means to be a citizen.

Participation is not required. We welcome you to join us in debate or to listen along.

Who it’s for: those engaged in or curious about our current political climate and the impacts of new technology
Vibe: interactive, insightful, provocative