Fullscale Dome-ination

Fullscale Dome-ination

Hosted by swissnex Boston in partnership with NEST Immersion


Oct 12 15


swissnex Dome

1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



A selection of award-winning fulldome short films by artists Sean Caruso and Red Light Misfits, active within the Canadian collective NEST Immersion.


Multiverse: A voyage between dimensional planes, reaching beyond the observable universe and into imagined environments where the laws of physics are ever changing and unrecognizable to our own.

Video and sound: Sean Caruso
ARK @ CERN – Switzerland – 2015
Mapping Festival – Geneva, Switzerland – 2015 Visiones – Espacio 360 – Lima, Peru – 2015 l’Ososphère – Strasbourg, France – 2015 Festival Tous Écrans – Geneva, Switzerland – 2015 MIRA Festival – Barcelona, Spain – 2015 SAT Fest – Montréal, Québec -2015 Immersive Festival – Madrid, Spain – 2016 Fulldome Festival – Jena, Germany – 2016 *honourable mention for outstanding production* ISEA – Hong Kong – 2016

Cernunnos: Edging between science and digital art, Cernnunos tells a subtle and playful story about the CERN and large Hadron Collider. Will Man be able to control the technology he created, or will technology destroy him, himself, his great works and all of human race?

Video and sound: Sean Caruso
2016 Fulldome Festival – Jena, Germany

*Winner of the Janus First Year Award*
2016 Fulldome Festival – UK
*Winner of the BEST IN SHOW Award*
*Winner of the BEST USE OF DOME Award*

Synthoids: Encounters of the 4th kind.
By Red Light Misfits