Future Forum: Inventing the Future

Future Forum: Inventing the Future

Hosted by HUBweek


Oct 13

09:00 AM 07:00 PM



1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



There’s an ethos here in Boston. Most innovators you come across are not just trying to invent the next app to get you your pizza faster (though we <3 pizza). These people are literally inventing the future–whether that’s splicing the genes of modern Asian elephants with DNA locked in arctic ice to bring back the woolly mammoth and thus, prevent climate change; 3D printing metal to revolutionize manufacturing; or putting robots in the home and driverless cars on the road to improve safety. What are the inventions coming out of Boston in the next 3, 30, 100 years that are going directly impact our lives? What does that mean for your future?

Conversations will explore:

  • bringing back the woolly mammoth
  • autonomous vehicles
  • revolutionizing manufacturing
  • robotics
  • digital health
  • cybersecurity

This event is part of HUBweek’s Future Forum presented by MilliporeSigma, a multi-day ideas festival and confab taking place Oct. 12-14 at The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Day Passes are on sale now and include admittance to Saving As Many Lives As Penicillin with Atul Gawande and Malcolm Gladwell. More speakers and details to be announced soon.

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