Housing the Workforce: Typology, Technology, & Techtonics

Housing the Workforce: Typology, Technology, & Techtonics

Hosted by Stantec


Oct 13

11:30 AM 12:30 PM



1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



As our city’s population continues its exponential increase, there seems to be a lack of variety in the housing supply that will serve the city’s shifting demographics and interests. The panel will focus on solutions that make our urban communities more livable through excellence in design and technical expertise. Compact living, in combination with well programmed communal spaces, serves as a viable typology to address housing affordability. Technology and robotic architecture allow for multifunction within spaces and provide a community platform to further connections among residents. Furthermore, the introduction of tectonic mechanisms addresses the spike in the cost of construction by utilizing alternative building methods including modular construction. Last but not least, the panelists will discuss policy and community engagement, as big players in defining solutions and addressing current challenges.