Innovation at Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Innovation at Boston Health Care for the Homeless (sold out)

Hosted by Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program


Oct 10

03:00 04:30 PM


Boston Health Care for the Homeless

780 Albany St Boston, MA 02218



Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program’s singular mission is to provide or assure access to the highest quality health care for all homeless individuals and families in greater Boston. BHCHP’s care model is grounded in the provision of integrated primary and behavioral health care. We have developed a unique and decentralized practice tailored to the population we serve, with many points of access in 45 sites, including an extensive network of clinics within homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other community settings where people are trying to meet basic survival needs. BHCHP is not only a pillar of innovation in homeless medicine, but also a model and leader in the field of health care in general. Join us for a small and immersive event at our flagship location at 780 Albany Street to learn more about our most groundbreaking programs, specifically our work combatting the opioid overdose crisis, caring for transgender patients, and involving consumers in our operational and policymaking decisions. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jesse Gaeta will guide our Spoke event along with members of our staff and Consumer Advisory Board.

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