Thursday Immersion Party: LIVE Silent Disco

Thursday Immersion Party: LIVE Silent Disco

Hosted by HUBweek in partnership with BAMS Fest


Oct 12

07:00 10:00 PM



1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



Imagine three of Boston’s top DJs playing live, some of the best blends of music that will have diverse audiences connecting, convening and moving all through their colorful headphones. You’ll be given a set of wireless headphones that light up to show which channel you’re are listening to, allowing different genres of music that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The ticket to Thursday’s Immersion Party and Live Silent Disco includes access to:

  • The Domes@Night at The HUB
  • Bars and the Immersion Lounge (21+)
  • Live entertainment including DJs, VJs, and projections
  • Signature experiences and performances.


Union Point

Union Point