Made in USA: Fulldome Immersive

Made in USA: Fulldome Immersive

Hosted by swissnex Boston in partnership with HUBweek


Oct 12 15

09:30 AM 05:45 PM


swissnex Dome

1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02201



From artists both local and further afield, a showcase of American-made fulldome movies to amuse your eyes and heart.


Infinite Horizons: A flight through an abstract landscape challenges perceptions of the horizon.
Animation: Diana Reichenbach
Sound Design: Diana Reichenbach
Sound Mix: Scott Jennings

The Death of Painting (In The Age of Digital Over Production): This piece is an ode to painting inspired by Gerhard Richter’s painting patterns. As a tongue in cheek Andy Warhol is interviewed by the BBC about his art practice, the production of his print screens, and how important it is to produce a lot of paintings, a digital maelstrom of paint colors ensues with infinite reproductions. Andy’s wish of painting like a machine is made real. The painting studio becomes the time studio, as Andy considers his age and mortality, his voice like a memory fading into a heavenly ether.
Images: François de Costerd
Inspired by Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter’s painting patterns
Music – BBC archive – Brambles
Visual FX / animation – Modul8 & After Effects
Cinematography / editing – Premiere Pro

Eye of the Storm, V. 2 (360° full dome): Within the “hurricane eye” it is calm, but we can contemplate the immense scale and danger that lies beyond what we can see. Eye of the Storm (2015) was originally built as a multi-channel video installation that referenced the shape of a hurricane eye and its rain bands. In this 360° full dome adaptation, the swirling cloud-like forms further envelop the viewer.
By Georgie Friedman, 2017