Meet and Mingle with Creative Entrepreneurs

Meet and Mingle with Creative Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Fairmont Innovation Lab in partnership with Artmorpheus and Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation


Oct 11

06:30 08:30 PM


Fairmount Innovation Lab

594 Columbia Road, Suite 203 Dorchester, MA 02125



Discover how the Fairmount Innovation Lab (FIL) is changing the face of creative and social entrepreneurship in Boston with an urban incubator and accelerator program in Dorchester’s Uphams Corner. Come to our open house and demo night, meet and mingle with startups in various phases of conception. Learn how they contribute to the creative economy and entrepreneurial climate in Boston. Make new connections. Inspire and be inspired.

A design and prototype / fabrication studio
Popups showcasing local creative talent and products

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