“Walk A Mile” Poverty Simulation

“Walk A Mile” Poverty Simulation

Hosted by United Way of Mass Bay


Oct 10

04:00 06:30 PM


United Way

51 Sleeper Street Boston, MA 02210



United Way’s Walk A Mile Experience is a poverty simulation designed to allow participants to see and feel what many families in our community face on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

You will be given the role of a family member and will be asked to live out that role for 5 “days” in this 2 hour simulation, engaging in a brief experience of what it is like to deal with the stresses of poverty– from the children who attend school but have no way to get there if they miss the bus or older youth making the decision to get a job to help their family or attend school, to moms and dads who are working 3 jobs to make ends meet, etc.

United Way has made this experience one that will connect you to the other participants through this simulation and also the incredibly valuable debrief that follows. It allows you to walk away with a deeper understanding of what some families face as well as an opportunity to learn how to help!