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Technology is Amoral; People Aren't

Thursday October 12, 9:00AM-7:00PM

Kicking off the opening of The HUB and the domes on City Hall Plaza, Thursday’s Future Forum features a stacked lineup including Bank of America vice chairman Anne Finucane; integrative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra; rock star of science Rudy Tanzi; CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem; and MilliporeSigma CEO Udit Batra. Hear from them and other experts across industry as we explore the ethical impacts of technology. How do we put pressure in the right places to ensure that technological advancement serves each and every one of us?

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The Lineup

At this full-day experience, hear from leaders across industry as we explore the most cutting-edge and impactful ideas coming out of Boston today. Please note: day passes are required to attend these sessions.

  • The Future Forum Lounge Opens 9:00AM

    Connect with fellow attendees–a mix of CEOs, founders, artists, researchers, students, up-and-comers and more–throughout the day in the lounge.

  • View of the Future: Bio Meets Beats 9:15AM

    • Featuring David Sun Kong, Director, Community Biotechnology Initiative, MIT

    Hip-hop is one of the great cultural languages of our time. DJing and turntablism, born from hip-hop, are pervasive art forms at the core of our society. David Sun Kong takes you on a fantastic voyage at the intersection of hip-hop and biology as he explains how the microbes of your body can be transformed into music–and could even be used to predict your health one day.

  • Creating Sustainable Growth 10:00AM

    How do individuals and institutions harness the powers of the capital markets to do good? And what’s the connection between social benefit and sound financial performance? These are questions we’ll explore in a wide-ranging discussion with Social Finance CEO Tracy Palandjian. Topics will include how to find innovative ways to deploy capital and activate partnerships to fuel social and economic progress around the world.

  • The Second Machine Age 10:30AM

    • with Andrew McAfee, Co-Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School

    A revolution is underway. In recent years, self-driving cars have hit the roads here in Boston and robots have started caring for the elderly. Soon digital technologies will diagnose diseases more accurately than doctors can, apply enormous data sets to transform urban environments into “smart cities” and accomplish many tasks once considered uniquely “human.” MIT’s Andrew McAfee presents the challenges that the “Second Machine Age” will bring, and make the case for why we should be optimistic about the future. Moderated by WBUR's Asma Khalid.

  • Watching Over You 11:30AM

    Do you suffer from “selective outrage”? That sanctimonious feeling when you readily share personal details to get free stuff from retailers but get creeped out when big brother asks for the same info? When is it necessary for stakeholders like government agencies and healthcare administrators to have “back door” access to your personal data? Who is accessing it right now? Where do we draw the line between protecting our fellow citizens and intruding on our privacy as individuals? Moderated by Senior Writer, WIRED and 2018 Nieman Fellow, Harvard University Emily Dreyfuss.

  • View of the Future: Happy 115th Birthday 12:15PM

    Birthday greeting cards for the 100+ crowd are all the rage. So too are VR-enabled ‘vacations’ to combat social isolation, “second skin” to protect dry skin and vanquish wrinkles, and robotic nurses to meet the growing gap in qualified elder caregiving. How are innovators helping millions of seniors live longer, more fulfilling lives? What might the future look like for you in 10, 30, 60 years?

  • Technology that Helps Us Understand Ourselves 12:15PM

    Technology is often focused on providing more and more efficiency, more and more ease, more and more consumption. A side effect of this can be that we might be losing opportunities for self-reflection, deeper connection, defining and creating our own meaning, and building the confidence and motivation to create as much as we consume and to resist persuasive tech that does not align with our interests. Tech can be a source of this problem and it also offers promising solutions. How might technology be part of the solution? Dive into the ways that design, flavor, and gaming offer useful insights.

  • View of the Future: Elevating the Public Transit Experience 12:30PM

    From inventive mobile apps to state-of-the-art kiosks that can measure passenger traffic in real-time, we'll take an inside look at the most exciting technological innovations that are improving our once archaic public transportation systems.

  • Your City Could Be Smarter Than You 12:45PM

    • with Erin Baumgartner, Assistant Director, Senseable City Lab,
    • Kyle Corkum, CEO, Managing Partner, LStar Ventures &
    • Stephen Goldsmith, Daniel Paul Professor of the Practice of Government and the Director of the Innovations in American Government Program - Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    Imagine a future where technology in your city can help you repair a pothole, improve the air you breathe, even predict fires. The frontier of urban design blends modern breakthroughs in the internet of things (IoT), data analytics, and digital services with age-old lessons of walkable neighborhoods, easily accessible amenities and vibrant connected communities. How are innovators, citizens and planners co-evolving the smart city landscape to be not only economically viable, but to also make us safer, healthier and happier? Moderated by Reporter, The New York Times and 2018 Nieman Fellow, Harvard University Emily Rueb.

  • View of the Future: Ready for the End 1:30PM

    The CEO of Cake discusses why planning for the end of our lives should be a rewarding and meaningful process and details how emerging technology can take the confusion out of a difficult conversation that all of us should be prioritizing.

  • View of the Future: Untapped Talent 1:45PM

  • Chief Human+Machine Officer 1:45PM

    We’ve become fast friends with Siri and Alexa, yet the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives, our hospitals, our companies, our government has only just begun. In our relentless pursuit to solve complex problems with AI, many jobs may become obsolete. The flip side: new job categories will emerge. Where should we apply pressure on the tech industry to get the outcomes we desire so that AI creates more jobs than it costs our society? Who needs to be good at what? And what does it actually mean to be “uniquely human?” Moderated by Mike Farrell.

  • Global Challenges, Local Solutions 2:00PM

    • with Sandra Lopez Burke, Executive Director and Vice President - City Year,
    • C.A. Webb, Interim Director - Kendall Square Association &
    • Jody Rose, Executive Director - New England Venture Capital Association

    Exploring how Boston’s philanthropic, business, and civic communities support innovations to tackle seemingly intractable societal problems. Moderated by Keith Mahoney.

  • The Future of Diplomacy 2:30PM

    • John Kerry, Former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator

    Join Bank of America Vice Chairman, Anne Finucane, as she interviews former Secretary of State and U.S. Senator John Kerry on the future of diplomacy. What is the state of public-private partnerships? How can better collaboration help shape our futures? Interviewed by Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane.

  • The Personalized Cell Therapy Challenge: A Race Against Time 3:30PM

    • with Geoffrey Hodge, Chief Technical Officer, Unum Therapeutics,
    • Marcela Maus, Director of Cellular Immunotherapy, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center,
    • Shashi Murthy, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University,
    • Dr. Bruce Levine, Barbara and Edward Netter Professor in Cancer Gene Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania &
    • David Williams, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital President, Dana/Farber Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology, Boston Children’s Hospital

    Researchers in Boston are developing an exciting new method to fight cancer. This technology, called CAR T-cell therapy, collects a patient’s immune cells and programs them to target their particular type of cancer. The cells are then reinjected to attack and kill the cancerous cells. Advancement of this potentially life-saving treatment will require an alliance between physicians, hospitals, biopharmaceutical manufacturers, and the life sciences industry to shorten and streamline what is now a complex, four- to six-week process. This panel will feature Boston leaders who are on the frontlines of CAR T-cell therapy to discuss current achievements, looming challenges, and the path forward to success. Moderated by Udit Batra.

  • Future Fete 5:00-7:00PM

    The Future Forum Lounge transforms into an evening celebration. Grab a cocktail (21+), mingle with speakers, and debate the pros/cons of technological advancement with your fellow attendees.

  • Healthy Brain, Enlightened Brain 5:00-7:00PM

    • with Deepak Chopra, MD, Founder of the Chopra Foundation, Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing & Jiyo &
    • Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, Vice-Chair of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital

    Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, two visionaries in the field of neuroscience and health, have advanced the idea that breathtaking new advances in neuroscience offer the potential to transform our lives–and our health–by using the power and untapped potential of our brain. Moderated by Reverend Liz Walker.

  • HUBweek Party 7:00-10:00PM

    After a full day of sharing ideas, unwind and join us at the nightly HUBweek Party during Immersion. The HUBweek Party includes access to bars at The HUB (21+), the domes on City Hall Plaza, live entertainment including DJs, VJs and projections, and signature experiences. Note you do not have to be 21+ to attend, but you must be 21+ to consume alcoholic beverages.

  • ...and more speakers to come

The Nitty Gritty

This series is part of HUBweek’s ideas festival, Future Forum presented by MilliporeSigma, which takes place Oct. 12-14 at The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Insider Day Passes are on sale now and include admittance to Healthy Brain, Enlightened Brain with Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi.

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