HUBweek // Future Forum

The Cornerstone Event of HUBweek 2017

If you want to experience the best of HUBweek: the boldest ideas and most inspiring moments, look no further.

HUBweek’s ideas festival, Future Forum, will feature dozens of up-and-coming visionaries and experts across industry including Michael Bloomberg, Fidelity’s Abby Johnson, Atul Gawande, Malcolm Gladwell, Bank of America Vice Chairman Anne Finucane, former Secretary of State John Kerry and CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem. Join us to explore the most cutting-edge and impactful ideas coming out of Boston today—and the impact they’ll have on our lives tomorrow.

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The Future Forum Experience

HUBweek's ideas festival, Future Forum, is a multi-day experience taking place in the domes on Boston’s City Hall Plaza and in Faneuil Hall with 40+ sessions, inspiring keynotes, curated moments (and parties!) to help you connect with other attendees. Click below to explore the daily lineup.