HUBweek // Future Forum

The cornerstone event of HUBweek 2017.

Presented by Millipore Sigma

3 days of the most promising and impactful ideas coming out of Boston. October 12-14, 2017.

HUBweek and our four founders, The Boston Globe, Harvard, Mass. General Hospital and MIT, invite you to a gathering of the smartest and most creative people working in Boston today across a convergence of sectors–from artificial intelligence and robotics to biodesign and biotech–as they look to the future.

Hear firsthand the ideas and cutting-edge work happening today that will directly impact your life, a number of industries, and the world over the next 3-300 years. A multi-day ideas festival and confab, HUBweek’s Future Forum will feature compelling discussions, fireside chats, storytelling and intimate deep dives, exploring how we can ensure that technological and scientific innovation have a real, positive impact on our communities, and our lives.

Insider Passes, 3-Day Passes and Single-Day Passes to the Future Forum are on sale now. More details and speakers to be announced soon!

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HUBweek Founders HUBweek Founders

Thursday, October 12th

Friday, October 13

Saturday, October 14

  • Demystifying Class and the Politics of Identity in America

    Author Joan C. Williams and Harvard Business Review Editor in Chief Adi Ignatius will explore the roots of class division in America and discuss how political leaders and concerned citizens can try to bridge the gap to build a stronger national polity. Williams is the author of the provocative new book, White Working Class: Overcoming Class Cluelessness in America.

  • Fit to Print

    The factory of the future is here. Traditional manufacturing jobs are on the decline, but advanced manufacturing jobs are on the rise. From 3D-printing to human-assistive robots, we’ll showcase the new technologies, devices, and techniques that are revitalizing the American manufacturing industry Where is all this production taking place? What skills will the “factory of the future” require?

  • Training for Tomorrow

    It may seem hard to believe now, but only a decade ago jobs such as mobile app developers and social media managers barely existed. Where will we see the most change in the professional landscape between now and 2027? How can our institutions of higher learning and we, as individuals, prepare students to fill positions that are rapidly changing, or better yet: don’t yet exist?

  • Adi Ignatius

    Adi Ignatius


  • Amy Cuddy

    Amy Cuddy

    Social psychologist, bestselling author and educator

  • Holly Yanco

    Holly Yanco

    Director, New England Robotics Validation and Experimentation (NERVE) Center

  • Joan C. Williams

    Joan C. Williams


  • John Valverde

    John Valverde

    CEO, YouthBuild

  • Dr. Patricia Gentile

    Dr. Patricia Gentile

    President, North Shore Community College