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Dozens of exhibits exploring the future being built in Boston, with the organizations and people who are building it. Join us at The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Registration is free, but required.

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Explore Dozens of Shipping Containers

Wander your way through a number of reimagined shipping containers, brought to life through demonstrations, performance, and immersive experiences.


    Ginkgo Bioworks and Artist-in-Residence Natsai Audrey Chieza

    They conceived of the residency as an opportunity to see how collaboration with designers could be fostered at the company's foundry. Over the summer Natsai Audrey Chieza is working with the various programme teams at Ginkgo Bioworks to develop aspects of her research into bacterial dyes for the textile industry. This includes microbial strain engineering within Ginkgo's foundry and building custom tools from Autodesk's Build Space. They hope these and other strategies will expand the scale of production; integrate scientific method to ensure replicable protocols; and articulate definitive design aesthetics rooted in craft-orientated making. This collaboration is unique in bringing a host of different stakeholders together to explore the dynamics of converging bio and digital fabrication technologies, and seeks to determine their impact on materials and product design ecosystems.

    360˚ Science/STAT


    What did you expect to do today? Save lives? Stare microscopic death in the face? Using cutting edge virtual reality technology, STAT and Brookline Interactive Group will take you inside some of the most exciting science lives, lived within the most exclusive spaces. Stop by our shipping container at The HUB to experience it for yourself.

    American Therapy

    Julie Ann Otis

    This country could use some free therapy. Come share your stories, advice, grievances, and celebrations about living in America.

    Bank of America Innovation Hub

    Bank of America

    Come experience how Bank of America is creating a smarter, efficient experience for customers through innovative banking technologies. map out your financial dream board, play our two-player money transfer game, or take a VR tour of Bank of America’s new technology-driven financial center.

    Butterfly Effect

    EYP Architecture & Engineering Skanska, Green Goat, Northeastern University, Dynalloy, Associated Energy Developers, Autodesk, ABC Printing

    This installation offers an experience that focuses on transformation and small gestures with big impact.

    City Symphonies

    Tod Machover and Opera of the Future Group, MIT Media Lab

    City Symphonies is an international, collaborative music project designed to develop massive sonic portraits of cities using traditional musical materials as well as found audio, and that uses new technologies developed at the MIT Media Lab to allow everyone to participate. This installation will provide an exciting, immersive introduction to the works created around the world since 2013, and will launch the Boston version, a collaboration with HUBweek that will premiere in 2019 and invites YOU to help!

    Containing Addiction: Painting, rapping and writing toward recovery

    Mass General Center for Community Health Improvement; Charlestown Coalition; the Artists Group of Charlestown; The Health Story Collaborative; and The Opioid Project

    Join us in this immersive art experience and creating a community portrait of addiction and recovery in Boston.

    Curiosity Cube


    Designed to inspire curiosity and bring science to the masses through hands-on science experiments, MilliporeSigma's Curiosity Cube is a recycled shipping container that has been retrofitted into a solar-powered mobile science lab.

    Designer Solar Panels

    Sistine Solar

    Sistine Solar will display its award-winning SolarSkin panels that come in any color or pattern, designed to blend in with your rooftop. Come check out the panels in person and enjoy a unique Virtual Reality experience to visualize the panels in a 3D environment. Leave us your address and we will have an instant proposal for you to show you how you can kill bill - your energy bill, that is! Plus, we will be debuting a new product line - a little surprise, but it is guaranteed to be a treat for your eyes!

    EF Education First

    EF Education First

    Wish getting your passport was easier? Swing by EF Education First’s container to get photos taken for your passport and meet the team in pink! EF Education First, the world leader in international education, offers every imaginable way to see the world, experience another culture, learn a language or earn an academic degree.

    Fresh Truck Mobile Market Renovation

    Fresh Truck

    Fresh Truck is renovating their Weekly Market vehicle to become a full service mobile grocery store. In collaboration with sweetgreen, they are rethinking the retail layout and market aesthetics to drive nutrition education and behavioral change in the shopping experience. They are also working with an engineer from the MIT Media Lab to install a custom refrigeration unit that will enable them to carry meat, dairy and prepared food items. These changes will help them get more fresh food to more Boston families all year round.


    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    As a transforming company that recognizes the changing needs of our customers and employees, Liberty Mutual Insurance embraces innovation, technology, agile thinking and creative minds. From building an API to help consumers make more informed decisions about where they are going to live, to our strategic partnerships with industry-leading researchers and entrepreneurs, our innovations begin with our insurance expertise and extend far beyond.

    Go to the Light: Neon Dream

    Helen Popinchalk and Morgan Grenier, Trifecta Editions, and Jay LaCouture, AntiDesigns

    Go to the Light: Neon Dream is a unique, immersive black light experience! Drawing inspiration from interior design and all that glows and fluoresces in the natural world, they create a dayglow cavern – the ultimate neon clubhouse that combines elements of interior environments with ephemera and 3-D objects inspired by nature.

    Green Up New England Challenge

    Project Green Schools

    The Boston Bruins and the Boston Bruins Foundation partnered with Project Green Schools and Walmart for the Green Up New England Challenge, which aims to develop Green Student Leaders in schools throughout New England. Schools across New England took the challenge and competed in energy reduction, waste reduction, water reduction, best green school practices, and best green community practices.

    Leafy Green Machine

    Freight Farms

    Check out the Leafy Green Machine: a pre-assembled hydroponic farm inside an up-cycled freight container, capable of producing yields at commercial-scale in any climate and any season.

    Nomadic Civic Sculpture 4.0

    Salvador Jiménez-Flores and Urbano Project

    Urbano Project and lead artist Salvador JimenezFlores bring “Nomadic Civic Sculpture 4.0”, a mobile mural and interactive sculpture that captures the history, essence, and current struggles of Egleston Communities, to HUBweek 2017.

    Outside the Box


    Learn the science behind the innovative, hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle and the best in class, fuel-efficient Prius Prime. Take a walk through Toyota’s history of advanced technology vehicles and learn about the commitments to a cleaner future. Test drive through the streets of Boston and get hands-on with the Mirai, Prius Prime, Prius Liftback, and Prius C. Experience the future of mobility at this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

    Raining Poetry 

    Mass Poetry

    Raining Poetry is a public art project featuring a patented “invisible” spray paint and stenciled poems that reveal themselves on streets and sidewalks when it rains. Launched in May 2016, this program has enjoyed tremendous success and is influencing similar initiatives around the world.


    Gabriel Mugar and French 2D, Anda French and Jenny French

    Place/Setting is a series of collaborative meals that traces the productive conversations that happen within its space during HUBweek. Each meal, hosted by one organization, encourages networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration in order to demystify the feasibility and value of cooperative models in a variety of contexts.


    Jason Hoelscher and Jessamy McManus, Umwelt Operations Unlimited, Will Penny, Michael Porten, and Britt Spencer, Widowmaker Collective, Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene, PlantBot Genetics

    POLLINATE intertwines artistic creativity and science / tech / biology with coevolutionary aesthetics to explore issues of collaboration cascades, fragility, and robustness in terms of conceptual attractors and complex adaptive network ecologies.

    Pop-up Play Cubes

    studioMLA Architects

    Pause, reflect, relax and recreate in this series of occupiable and interactive contained spaces throughout The HUB.

    Set It Straight, Miles To Go.

    Artists For Humanity

    Artists For Humanity (AFH)'s mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing under-resourced urban youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design.


    Elisa Hamilton and Now + There

    "Slideshow" is a series of curated slide talks by ten Boston-area women, each featuring a week in the presenter's life, as documented by her in 25 images. Using analog Kodak slides, Slideshow invites you to peer into the lives of women throughout Boston -- women who often go unnoticed or unrecognized, and who will share their lives with the public in their own words and images.

    The Unconscious Mind: Anesthesia Today and Tomorrow

    Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation at Mass General Hospital

    In this mini-museum, explore how surgical anesthesia revolutionized health care when it was introduced in 1846. Discover what happens in the brain in the space between consciousness and anesthesia, and how new anesthesiology research is changing our understanding of brain science.

    Tortilla Social

    Salvador Jiménez-Flores and Urbano Project

    Salvador Jiménez-Flores presents “Tortilla Social” a multi-faceted, mobile printing press that will engage audiences through various artistic and cultural functions, converting any spaces into hubs for printmaking workshops. This project is made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ Creative City Program, with funding from The Barr Foundation and with additional support from the Boston Foundation.

    Union Point: A City with a Mission

    Union Point

    Take a walk through the streets of Union Point, a new city rising on the South Shore. See and feel the unique elements that make Union Point the city of the future.


    Clint Baclawski

    Drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of the California Light and Space movement, this work moves the medium into newly deconstructed ground beyond the tradition and constraints of a photographic frame. Light itself is reconfigured. The bulb becomes the medium. The photographic image takes an unexpected form like the stanzas of a sonnet or the sequencing of notes in a music composition.

Engage with Interactive Exhibits

Participatory projects where you effect the medium.


    Boston Globe, Inphantry, Freedomes

    Visit the Globe’s geodesic dome, #Globe365. The Boston Globe has been a daily news outlet reporting the world’s most important events since 1872. Today, we update our readers by the minute with continuous breaking news and essential information. Step inside this dome to relive some of our most significant coverage since our founding in an immersive, all-enveloping experience. We also show quieter moments in features, sports, and the arts. Through stunning visuals, sounds, and movement, we progress one calendar day at time, starting with events from January 1 and concluding with December 31. Taken together, #Globe365 surrounds you in the events and cultural touchpoints that have shaped who we are as citizens of Boston—and of the world. WARNING: Depictions of real news events. Portions of content may be disturbing to some viewers.

    Enchanted Forest

    Andrew Ringler, Saul Baizman, Fish McGill

    Enchanted Forest is magical interactive experience for all ages, taking place on the Government Center promenade. The Forest contains multiple hands-on exhibits and responds to the natural environment, as it highlights the role of trees as an essential part of our public health infrastructure.

    Faces of Boston


    Make selfies for science in Facetopo's Selfie Photobooth and add your photostrip to the Faces of Boston Installation at HUBweek 2017!

    I AM…You

    Art Resource Collaborative for Kids

    “I AM...You” is an interactive, multimedia installation co-created by Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK) and their 7th grade participants from Gardner Pilot Academy, a Boston Public School. Through fiber art, text, and projection, this work will explore the role empathy plays in envisioning both our cultural identities and solutions to societal issues. ​​ARCK aims to change the course of children’s lives, using art as a vehicle to help them reach their greatest potential and become compassionate global citizens and future leaders. ARCK promotes social, cultural, and emotional inclusion for all students in today’s increasingly challenging social and economic climate. They believe passionately in the need for strong in-school arts programs, despite ever-present public school budget limitations. We work to reach the whole child through art while imparting intercultural understanding and supporting social and emotional well-being and individual learning styles.

    Philips Aura


    Aura is an interactive sound and light work that responds to presence, becoming an experience that allows people to connect with light and sound in new ways. Its creation stemmed from a project at Philips Lighting Design, exploring the role of light in every-day life.

    Shadow Coding

    Karen Schoucair and Rachelle Villalon

    Shadow Coding is an experiment that transforms the small confines of a physical space into an interactive and engulfing spatial experience, emanating from the larger than life responsive shadows of everyday objects. The shadows respond to physical human gestures when they are touched against a walled surface, allowing an individual to step into another dimension of still life objects seen from an object’s point of view.


    Philip Gedarovich

    There are myriad forms of media which abstract and transform the self in varying degrees. TriMe takes this abstraction a step further, by removing all concrete physical properties of the self, replacing them instead with a digital triangulation of the human form and providing the opportunity for gestural expression and play.

    Live Screen Printing with AntiDesigns


    AntiDesigns brings the craft of print-making to City Hall Plaza. HUBweek visitors will be able to experience the vintage art form of screen printing on Friday and Saturday. Featuring limited edition artwork from the NEON DREAM container, the AntiDesigns team will be creating one-off t-shirts that will only be available on site.

Experience HUBweek Walls

Check out this collection of murals showcasing 11 local artists' unique creative skills as they take over a shipping container with paint and passion. Stay tuned to learn which artists will be painting live!


    HUBweek is proud to present INSA as the featured artist of HUBweek Walls, an exciting exhibition of mural art painted on shipping containers as part of The HUB. INSA’s work has been globally recognized for its technical complexity and innovation making him the perfect fit for HUBweek. As part of HUBweek Walls, INSA will LIVE transform a 60’ by 18’ temporary container wall with his dynamic imagery to create an animated mural known as a GIF-ITI.

    Caleb Neelon

    Caleb Neelon is an artist and writer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His murals and artworks can be seen in city streets and exhibitions throughout the world. Neelon's broad range of recent activity includes studio artwork, cultural diplomacy projects through the U.S. State Department; curatorial work at museums, projects bringing artwork to hospitals, documentary film production, and painting for fun in the street.

    Cedric Douglas

    Cedric Douglas is the Founder and Creative Director of The Up Truck, a mobile art lab designed to engage underserved Boston communities through art and creativity.  Douglas is also an artist who combines the use of street art ideology and raw creativity to connect, inspire and interact with the community.

    Dana Woulfe

    Dana Woulfe is a visual artist living and working in Boston. He is also co-director of the Project SF artist collective, where he has directed and exhibited worldwide and worked with clients including Nike, Converse, Vitamin Water and Bodega. He is known for his vivid, abstract paintings and large scale mural work.

    IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha)

    IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) is an artist and educator from Kathmandu, Nepal. She has established herself as a Nepali street artist meshing the Nepali alphabet and the Boston street art scene. Her works can be described as thoughtful yet irreverent pieces, marrying the beauty of an elegant script with the droll text she often incorporates into her canvases. In 2013, Sneha established Nepal’s first Children’s Art Museum to provide a creative space where children and youth can get hands-on art experience and are encouraged to express themselves creatively.

    Katherine Mitchell DiRico

    Katherine Mitchell DiRico

    Katherine Mitchell DiRico is a Boston-based artist who considers the instinctual gestures of everyday life in an age of big data. For HUBweek, DiRico will be creating a 60’ x 18’ wall drawing entitled "Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear. V7 f.135" that examines our relationship to privacy and visibility through an installation of diagrammatic form and self generated data-streams. Failed strategies and data sets gone awry imply an inner logic that is at once interdependent, sublime, and withheld from view. Be sure to check this “drawing” out during the day and at night!

    Kenji Nakayama

    Kenji Nakayama is an artist who lives and works in Boston. His diverse practice encompasses careful pinstriping and gilded lettering, abstract line compositions, and hand­cut, multi-­layered stencil paintings. Regardless of form, all of his work serves as a personal diary of experience and influence, and his process can be described as a balance between meditation and highly­ trained craftsmanship.

    Liz Jaff

    Liz Jaff is a visual artist who uses minimal geometry to explore memories of time and space. She rigorously explores the structural and aesthetic possibilities in ephemeral materials. Combining these with abstraction and repetition of architectural and natural forms, Jaff creates environments and objects that convey the specific feeling and character of a place or event. She received her BFA in painting from The Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited nationally and internationally. She lives and works in New York City.


    Born in Juarez, Mexico, and raised in Dallas, Texas, Marka27’s foray into the art world began in the city’s streets mastering the art of graffiti. Advancing to earn his BFA from The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Marka27 became a household name for his “audio canvas” series and elaborately executed installation art and murals. Largely inspired by multi cultural influences, Marka27’s art has served as a reflection of his varying interests.

    Percy Fortini-Wright

    Percy Fortini-Wright is a Boston based artist who received both his BFA and MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. While in his youth, he started by writing graffiti; becoming a technician of wild style graffiti letters, tags and bubble letters. Simultaneously, he evolved as a traditional painter of city scenes, abstract and classical painting. While not fishing with his son, he paints and teaches art.

    Rob Gibbs

    Rob “Problak” Gibbs grew up in Roxbury, MA venturing between Lenox St. apartments and Orchard Park projects. From a young age, he had a vision of beautifying the ghettos of Boston with graffiti art - an art form that is frequently overlooked, undervalued and misunderstood. His work impels the viewer to allow imagination to become a playground for testing boundaries and breaking rules. Rob is a painter, muralist and graffiti artist who was one of six urban teens to co-found the non-profit youth development organization, Artists For Humanity (AFH) in 1991.

    David Teng-Olsen

    Teng-Olsen comes from a background in bioengineering and scientific illustration, and holds an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work is characterized by a unique exuberance and spirit of unfettered experimentation, and a bold graphic line, joined with a vivid, fantastical sense of color. Teng-Olsen’s sensibility is informed by both the traditions of fine art and the street pop of the counterculture—ie. comix, graffiti and murals, gaming and animation

HUB Exhibits

Registration is free, but required to visit The HUB