HUBweek // Immersion

A Nighttime Live Arts Experience.

Each night, The HUB comes alive through light, sound and performance. 

Immersion, a 3-night experiential live arts experience, will take place Oct. 12-14th throughout The HUB, amongst shipping containers and geodesic domes, on stages big and small, and in unexpected locations. Featuring dozens of roving performances and experiences, including film screenings, performing arts, multimedia installations, light art, and immersive environments, Immersion presented by Union Point is designed to awaken creativity and showcase innovative work and techniques at the intersections of art, science, and technology.

Registration to Immersion is free with The HUB Pass. Select events within Immersion require individual registration or passes. Grab the details below!


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HUBweek Founders HUBweek Founders

Experience Live Peformances

Taking place throughout The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, amongst shipping containers and geodesic domes, on stages big and small, and in unexpected locations.


    Ian Diver

    Nightclub is a performance piece that showcases local queer nightlife characters in Boston. They are dressed in larger than life colorful outfits that not only show the pride of our queer community, but also show the grandness of their imaginations.This ensemble performance exposes the artistry of queer nightlife to those who normally wouldn’t get to experience it.

    Liminal Activations

    Sarah Slifer Swift

    Liminal Activations are several performance scores for 4 dancers that responds to crowds, light, sound, and architecture with the goal of activating various sites around The HUB for 3 nights of the festival. It explores the edge where what is fabricated (in an environment, a technology, an event) meets the human experience.

    Ben Cosgrove

    Ben Cosgrove

    Ben Cosgrove is a traveling composer, pianist, and multi-instrumentalist from New England. He performs regularly all over the country, writes scores for films, plays, radio, and television, and has produced several well-received albums of original instrumental work that straddles a line between folk and classical music. His “electric and exhilarating” live performances are at once dazzling and intimate: music that has been described as “stunning” and as “compelling and powerful,” all presented with warmth, honesty, and “the easy familiarity of a troubadour.”

    Protect Yourself

    Zaira Meneses

    Zaira Meneses presents a selection of various composers and poets from Latin America & Spain. The music, poetry and performance exhibition will symbolize the message of awareness to protect ourselves.

    Krip-Hop Nation

    Krip-Hop Nation: The Crossroads Experience is a performance using original music and poetry along with imagery taking the audience on a journey through experiences of being black in the world of disability. With Mr. Moore's deep and soulful words - poetry becomes the orator of tales of timely and timeless topics. Mr. Jones scores the "Experience" with a funky soundtrack along with verses from there collaborations - the crossroads illuminates the often untold tales behind the headlines and the challenges faced while being Black and Disabled in America.

Inspired Projections

A number of local artists will light up and transform Boston's iconic City Hall throughout the evening, each night during Immersion.

    White Noise

    Yu-Wen Wu

    In White Noise, Yu-Wen Wu reframes the narrative of water in its various forms. White Noise echoes, digitally, the visual and auditory experience of the constancy of water. In its beauty and power, water is both a necessity to human life and a threat of uncontrollable forces. White Noise is part of a new series of individual and collaborative works, Liquid Information.

    Liquid Information

    Dalida Maria Benfield, Robert Ochshorn, and Yu-Wen Wu

    Liquid Information is a series of collaborative media and performance works in relation to water by Dalida Maria Benfield, Robert Ochshorn and Yu-Wen Wu. Each artist works from different standpoints: Water as a necessity for human life; water as metaphor for media;water as currency; water as code; water and climate. 

    Alternative Projections

    AgX Film Collective

    AgX Film Collective is a resource for filmmakers working in analog film formats. They offer workshops, provide equipment and present screenings of the work of experimental filmmakers. For HUBweek 2017, they present a series of projections onto the City Hall building at various locations and create a hands-on engagement with direct animation on film during Immersion events.

    Perry Hall

    Perry Hall approaches painting as a time-based medium similar to choreography or performing music. He creates the traditional line form color surface but also adds painting behavior-- ways in which paint transforms and moves over time. His artworks, which integrate painting and filmmaking, are created by using natural dynamic forces (turbulence, thermodynamics, magnetism, gravity, chemical reactions) instead of any digital processes. None of his artworks are created using computers or software; his ongoing project explores the relationship between painting, nature and technology.

    Rising Tide

    Georgie Friedman

    Georgie Friedman filmed the footage in this piece while in Antarctica (Jan 2017). She has digitally layered the waves from the Antarctic Sound over Antarctica's icy landscape, so they rise and visually submerge it. With this project, she is thinking about the past, present, and future. Since the piece is sited on City Hall, she started thinking about Boston’s history with water/land in relation to the in-filling of Back Bay and the harbor to expand the city from the 1640s-1900s. Looking forward to 2030-2100, the City has initiated a research study, Climate Ready Boston, which examines how different areas (especially ones on the waterfront) may be affected by rising sea levels. By projecting the "rising" waters of Antarctica, on to Boston's City Hall, Friedman links our city, and present moment, with the bigger picture.



    CASTLEDRONE an experimental, Boston-based exhibition program, will present “Castledrone Corral,” a sliver of the Boston underground peering out over the HUBweek festival site from City Hall’s iconic balcony. Through performance, sound, video, and sculpture these works explore death, and identity, space and base, instant coffee, architecture and play. Curated by Maggie Cavallo, this activation will channel the scattered basements, lofts and warehouses that keep the muffled, but consistent heartbeat of Boston’s underground pumping.

Visit Another Universe

The swissnex Dome is a full-dome structure that allows a 360° spatialization of images and sounds, taking the audience on a fully immersive and unique experience. At HUBweek 2017, the swissnex Dome will host Swiss, American, and Canadian programming such as full-dome projections, digital performances, cosmic yoga sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Immersion experiences include:

    Live: Disorder 3D–Digital Choreography

    Oct 12 | 08:00 10:00 PM

    A video/dance performance based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The trip takes you back in time on an adventure to resurrection–from the birth to the memory of the dancer.

    SAT Fest 2017

    Oct 12 14 | 03:00 06:30 PM

    The SAT Fest is the Society for Arts and Technology’s annual short-film festival showcasing some of the best immersive achievements recently created at the SAT and around the world.

    Modulate Live–Dance Party

    Oct 14 | 09:15 10:45 PM

    The swissnex Dome will be transformed into an immersive dance floor where you can indulge yourself in another dimension.

    Fullscale Dome-ination

    Oct 12 15

    A selection of award-winning fulldome short films by artists Sean Caruso and Red Light Misfits, active within the Canadian collective NEST Immersion.


    Oct 12 15

    Open doors: come in, lay down, relax and experience the swissnex Dome as if you were traveling through galaxies and time.

    Planetary Explorations

    Oct 13 15 | 02:00 02:30 PM

    "Cycle" and "Waiting Far Away", two shorts that will take you on an exploratory trip, wandering between one universe to the other.

Explore Interactive Exhibits

Participatory projects where you can effect the medium.

    Enchanted Forest

    Andrew Ringler, Saul Baizman, Fish McGill

    Enchanted Forest is magical interactive experience for all ages, taking place on the Government Center promenade. The Forest contains multiple hands-on exhibits and responds to the natural environment, as it highlights the role of trees as an essential part of our public health infrastructure.

    I AM…You

    Art Resource Collaborative for Kids

    “I AM...You” is an interactive, multimedia installation co-created by Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK) and their 7th grade participants from Gardner Pilot Academy, a Boston Public School. Through fiber art, text, and projection, this work will explore the role empathy plays in envisioning both our cultural identities and solutions to societal issues. ​​ARCK aims to change the course of children’s lives, using art as a vehicle to help them reach their greatest potential and become compassionate global citizens and future leaders. ARCK promotes social, cultural, and emotional inclusion for all students in today’s increasingly challenging social and economic climate. They believe passionately in the need for strong in-school arts programs, despite ever-present public school budget limitations. We work to reach the whole child through art while imparting intercultural understanding and supporting social and emotional well-being and individual learning styles.

    Faces of Boston


    Make selfies for science in Facetopo's Selfie Photobooth and add your photostrip to the Faces of Boston Installation at HUBweek 2017!


    Boston Globe, Inphantry, Freedomes

    Visit the Globe’s geodesic dome, #Globe365. The Boston Globe has been a daily news outlet reporting the world’s most important events since 1872. Today, we update our readers by the minute with continuous breaking news and essential information. Step inside this dome to relive some of our most significant coverage since our founding in an immersive, all-enveloping experience. We also show quieter moments in features, sports, and the arts. Through stunning visuals, sounds, and movement, we progress one calendar day at time, starting with events from January 1 and concluding with December 31. Taken together, #Globe365 surrounds you in the events and cultural touchpoints that have shaped who we are as citizens of Boston—and of the world. WARNING: Depictions of real news events. Portions of content may be disturbing to some viewers.

    Philips Aura


    Aura is an interactive sound and light work that responds to presence, becoming an experience that allows people to connect with light and sound in new ways. Its creation stemmed from a project at Philips Lighting Design, exploring the role of light in every-day life.

    Shadow Coding

    Karen Schoucair and Rachelle Villalon

    Shadow Coding is an experiment that transforms the small confines of a physical space into an interactive and engulfing spatial experience, emanating from the larger than life responsive shadows of everyday objects. The shadows respond to physical human gestures when they are touched against a walled surface, allowing an individual to step into another dimension of still life objects seen from an object’s point of view.


    Philip Gedarovich

    There are myriad forms of media which abstract and transform the self in varying degrees. TriMe takes this abstraction a step further, by removing all concrete physical properties of the self, replacing them instead with a digital triangulation of the human form and providing the opportunity for gestural expression and play.

    Alternative Projections

    AgX Film Collective

    AgX Film Collective is a resource for filmmakers working in analog film formats. They offer workshops, provide equipment and present screenings of the work of experimental filmmakers. For HUBweek 2017, they present a series of projections onto the City Hall building at various locations and create a hands-on engagement with direct animation on film during Immersion events.

    City Symphonies

    Tod Machover and Opera of the Future Group, MIT Media Lab

    City Symphonies is an international, collaborative music project designed to develop massive sonic portraits of cities using traditional musical materials as well as found audio, and that uses new technologies developed at the MIT Media Lab to allow everyone to participate. This installation will provide an exciting, immersive introduction to the works created around the world since 2013, and will launch the Boston version, a collaboration with HUBweek that will premiere in 2019 and invites YOU to help!

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