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Friday, October 13, 9:00AM-7:00PM

Meet the people who are literally inventing our future–whether that’s splicing the genes of modern Asian elephants with DNA locked in arctic ice to bring back the woolly mammoth; 3D printing metal to revolutionize manufacturing; or putting robots in your homes. What impact will they have on our lives? Featuring Abby Johnson and Michael R. Bloomberg; Malcolm Gladwell and Atul Gawande; CEOs from nuTonomy, iRobot, Desktop Metal and Rapid7; revolutionary geneticist George Church; and reporters from The Daily Beast, Axios, The Atlantic and more.

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The Lineup

At this full-day experience, hear from leaders across industry as we explore the most cutting-edge and impactful ideas today. Please note: Insider Day Passes are required to attend these sessions.

  • The Future Forum Lounge Opens 9:00AM

    Connect with fellow attendees–a mix of CEOs, founders, artists, researchers, students, up-and-comers and more–throughout the day in the lounge.

  • Genomics, Board Games, and Artificial Intelligence 10:00AM; Green Dome

    In the midst of this genomic revolution, Mirza Cifric, Co-Founder and CEO of Veritas Genetics, illustrates the sheer size of the genomic data we are dealing with and why A.I. is the only way to make sense of it all.

  • The Factory of the Future 10:20AM; Green Dome

    • with Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop, Co-Founder & CEO, Desktop Metal

    The factory of the future is here, and it’s digitized. From metal 3D printing to human-assistive robots, the Factory of the Future is shaping the next generation of disruptive technology and manufacturing. Ric Fulop CEO of Desktop Metal explores the latest technologies, devices and techniques that will push the boundaries of what’s possible and revitalize the American manufacturing industry. Moderated by Jeff Engel Xconomy.

  • Sustainable Urban Food 10:30AM; Blue Dome

    Chef Mary Dumont of Cultivar discusses the future of urban sustainable culinary practices at Cultivar's rooftop garden at the Ames Hotel.

  • The Digital Dilemma 10:45AM; Blue Dome

    • with David Y. Ting, Assistant Director of Medical Information Systems and Assistant Professor of Medicine,
    • YiDing Yu, MD, Founder & CEO, Twiage &
    • Lesley Solomon, Chief Innovation Officer & SVP Innovation, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Despite constantly shifting political and regulatory roadblocks, inventive entrepreneurs are forging the path forward in revolutionizing how we deliver and receive care. From quite literally shedding physical boundaries via telemedicine and innovative drug delivery tactics to totally reimagining patient care itself, how do we push emerging tech-enabled solutions past the red tape and into the hands of people who need them? Moderated by Program Director of PULSE@MassChallenge, Nick Dougherty.

  • Creating Our Future 11:30AM; Green Dome

    • With Abby Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, FMR LLC (Fidelity Investments) &
    • Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg LP & Bloomberg Philanthropies

    Join Fidelity Investments Chairman and CEO Abby Johnson, who will interview Michael Bloomberg for a frank (and dare we say, pragmatically optimistic) discussion on the state of innovation. Across climate, economic mobility, technology, policy, and education, where are the areas that we can apply pressure to affect meaningfully positive change? What can we do, right now, to move our communities, cities, and country forward in these otherwise uncertain times?

  • Boston 2050: Urban Mobility 12:45PM; Blue Dome

    Join us for a conversation with renowned transportation experts as they work to balance the transportation needs of the future with our desire for a cleaner environment over the next 30+ years. Moderated by Mark Yamauchi.

  • Eliminating Lethal Disease 1:00PM; Green Dome

    • Featuring Lee Cooper, Founder, Institute for Genetic Disease Prevention
  • A Driverless Future? 1:45PM; Green Dome

    • with nuTonomy CEO Karl Iagnemma, CEO, nuTonomy; Robotic Mobility Group Director, MIT

    Building a blueprint for autonomous vehicle integration in Boston and beyond. Moderated by Future of Work Editor, Axios, Steve LeVine.

  • Placing the Displaced 2:30PM; Green Dome

    A Syrian woman who moved to the U.S. in 2013, Wafaa Arbash is the CEO and Co-Founder of WorkAround who is working to revolutionize the systemic lack of employment opportunities available to refugees/displaced peoples. What role can technology play in providing economic opportunity for those building new lives in foreign countries?

  • The Future of Global Security 2:45PM; Green Dome

    Admiral James Stavridis, retired 4-star officer in the U.S. Navy and Dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, envisions the future of global security in an increasingly complex world.

  • Friend or Foe: How Culture Impacts Our Views of Robots 3:00PM; Blue Dome

    • with Joelle Renstrom, Lecturer of Rhetoric, Boston University; Robotics Columnist, The Daily Beast

    Will robots take over the world or will they help humanity evolve? Your answer likely depends on the sci-fi you've consumed and the values you've grown up with. This talk explores why we feel the way we do about robots and why for some people, a future of robotic service workers, caregivers, and even friends can't come soon enough, while others believe the development of robots/AI might doom the human race. Love them, hate them, or fear them, our views of robots exemplify cultural beliefs that will determine how our relationships with our mechanical counterparts will play out.

  • Engineering a Better Future 3:30PM; Green Dome

    Splice genes from a woolly mammoth locked in Arctic ice with genes from a modern Asian elephant and you just might be able to resurrect an extinct species to combat climate change. Synthetic biology–the fabrication and assembling of biological building blocks in novel ways–is paving the way for us to build bacteria factories, architect artificial life, and deepen our understanding of the mysteries of the living world. What happens next? Moderated by the Editor of The Atlantic Scott Stossel.

  • Your Home is a Robot 3:45PM; Blue Dome

    We’re currently in the midst of an explosion of connected possibilities in the home. With a mobile device, you can turn on lights, play music, set the thermostat and even darken your toast, but is you're your life easier, is your home smart? If not, what stands in the way? During this talk, we will explore challenges of making a truly smart home. We will discuss where robots fit into the equation, and how robotic technologies like mapping, navigation, and cloud robotics will help create dynamic and more user-friendly connected home. Moderated by Globe correspondent Scott Kirsner.

  • Breaking the Shackles of the Past 4:30PM; Blue Dome

    Keeping an organization’s most sensitive data secure can feel like a daunting task. However, we can not only gain back control, but do so in an innovative way without sacrificing security or usability. In order to achieve this, we must break the artificial shackles that bind us, forging a new path forward through more efficient methodologies and new ways of thinking. What is the future of security? How can today’s business leaders can work to remove siloed operations within their organizations to take a more holistic approach?

  • Future Fete 4:30PM

    The Future Forum Lounge transforms into an evening celebration. Grab a cocktail (21+), mingle with speakers, and debate the pros/cons of technological advancement with your fellow attendees.

  • Saving As Many Lives as Penicillin 5:00-7:00PM; Faneuil Hall

    Ariadne Lab’s groundbreaking research on system innovations will save lives and revolutionize how we deliver care. From programs to reduce child mortality in India and Africa to improving end-of-life care in Massachusetts, New York Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell will interview Dr. Atul Gawande about his vision for the future and how a new approach to innovation will improve lives for millions of people around the world. Moderated by New York Times Bestseller Malcolm Gladwell.

  • HUBweek Party 7:00-10:00PM

    After a full day of sharing ideas, unwind and join us at the nightly HUBweek Party during Immersion. The HUBweek Party includes access to bars at The HUB (21+), the domes on City Hall Plaza, live entertainment including DJs, VJs and projections, and signature experiences. Note you do not have to be 21+ to attend, but you must be 21+ to consume alcoholic beverages.

  • ...and more speakers to come

The Nitty Gritty

This event is part of HUBweek’s Future Forum presented by MilliporeSigma, a multi-day ideas festival and confab taking place Oct. 12-14 at The HUB presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance. Day Passes are on sale now and include admittance to Saving As Many Lives As Penicillin with Atul Gawande and Malcolm Gladwell.

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